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Enterprise service at entry level cost

"We believe in our work so much, we put our name on it."

Low Cost Prototyping

3D Printing


Small Volume Production

Close up picture of a metal lathe drill bit. Its a 8 flute tool bit.

Local Champions

We pride ourselves on servicing all of Delaware and surrounding states. We believe face-to-face consultations and hand delivering our parts. After all our name is behind each one. 

Entry Level Prices

Anybody can find high quality shops at high quality prices. We operate unleveraged and with a low overhead to ensure that we can offer the most affordable prices at the highest quality.

End to End Solutions

We can help you prototype new ideas affordably or replicate parts you can't find anymore. We aim to be the best overall solution for your needs.

Consult with a experienced Machinist

With over 30+ years of machinist we have the knowledge it takes to get the job done. Consult with us to take advantage of that knowledge and chat a machinist near me. 

McGonigle's Mission Statement

"We bring excellence in machining and cutting-edge 3D printing services at our Father-Son operated machine shop. Serving the Delaware area, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland, we bring a personalized touch to your manufacturing needs. From precision machined parts to innovative FDM, SLA, or SLS 3D printing, and versatile laser cutting or engraving services, we tailor solutions to meet your unique requirements. Our commitment to face-to-face consultations ensures we understand your needs, delivering quality work with a personal touch. With a specialty on affordable low production runs, prototyping, and expert remanufacturing, we stand out for attractive pricing and our attention to detail.

Experience the difference with a local partner dedicated to exceeding your expectations."

A X axis gantry with a extruder on it. The extruder has a futuristic hotend that appears to be cooled with a fan. This part is for 3d printing and typically refered to as a 3d printer extruder or a 3d printer hotend


  • How do I request a quote?
    1. At the top right hand of the web page click on the "Get a Quote" button. 2. Provide the required information on the form that appears. 3. Upload a drawing or part file to complete your quote!
  • What countries do we supply?
    McGonigle's Advanced Manufacturing is an American based company that provides to U.S.A, Canada, & Mexico
  • What type of materials do we work with?
    We are willing to try whatever material you need and push the limits of our machines. McGonigle's specialized in Aluminum, Steel, Hard Woods, Delrin, Acrylic, and All 3D Printing Materials
  • What types of materials can we produce?
    We work with all common materials such as steel, plastic, and aluminum. However, you can also contact us for information on working with special alloys or materials.
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